100 word challenge: Part 4

One day my 3 classes ( ELA, Science, and Math) went on a field trip to Muriel beach and a storm came. It wasn’t a regular storm. When the storm came in we were trying to head towards the bus but then we stopped… we looked down at ourselves and we were different colors!! We tried to move but we couldn’t budge. It’s like we were paralyzed from the waist down.  For some reason we all saw a pair of shoes. The pairs of shoes touched our heads one by one. Every single one of us turned back to our regular colors.

One thought on “100 word challenge: Part 4”

  1. Hmm, interesting making the narrator become the characters in the prompted image. I like it. I am wondering where the pair of shoes was seen and how big were they?
    Keep writing!
    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    Illinois, USA

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